Nik Wallaenda is a brave man.  The American Acrobat will be the first person to tightrope over Niagara Falls in over a century.


Photo: Name: Adrian MB

Many people have died trying this stunt, which is why it has been illegal to do such stunts for a long time.

There will be no harness and Canada’s Niagara Parks Commision says that stunts like this are a rarity because of it’s so high risk.

Charles Blondin was the first to complete this difficult stunt in 1859.  He went on to tightrope the Falls on several occasions, even attempting to make an omelette mid-way through his walk.

Nik’s walk will be a hair raising stunt nonetheless.  Let’s just hope he can actually finish the task which will take place at some point within the next year.


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