A massive campaign called Kony 2012 (other names are Stop Kony and Invisible Children) has recently come into the public eye.

The campaign is against Joseph Kony.  Joseph Kony is the Ugandan leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), his aim was to establish a goverment based on the Ten Commandments throughout Uganda.  The big problem was that when he ran out of adult troops to recruit he began abducting children.  The boys were used as young soldiers and the girls were used as sex slaves.  For 26 years Kony has been abducting children into his rebel army.  It is estimated that he has already abducted over 30,000 children.  He makes the child soldiers mutilate peoples faces and kill their own parents.

The LRA has begun to move into other countries such as the Congo and Sudan and out of Uganda.  According to the International Criminal Court (ICC) Kony is the world most wanted man.  A small number of US forces were deployed in order to help the Ugandan Army combat Kony.  After hearing this Kony decided to change his tactics in order to avoid arrest.

The problem is most people don’t know who he is.  The idea of the campaign is to raise Kony’s profile, making his the most infamous person in the world.  It’s a smart idea, the more people who know equals to the more people that will care, and when a majority cares about something passionately then something will be done.  Kony has no real reason for doing this injustice, he just wants power.

There is one thing that we can all do to help: spread the word.  Tell people about Kony and the campaign against him.  Children are suffering right now because of him.  The idea is to have Kony arrested by the end of this year.  If this happened in any first world country it would be stopped from day one and Kony would not have been able to continue his reign for almost 30 years.

As of last night #stopkony was one of the most tweeted topics globally. The organisation ‘Invisible Children’ has set April 20th as a day for global action.  They want their supporters to paper the cities with hundreds of thousands of posters like the one to the right.

Watch the video below for further details.


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