Apple and Samsung both have patent lawsuits out against each other.  A German Court has now dismissed these lawsuits.

Photo: Name: Angelo Su

The argument was over the ‘slide to unlock’ button.   Samsung, Apple and Motorola Mobility have all been in a series of patent lawsuits against each other.

Many of these lawsuits have resulted in temporary bans on the product in one of a series of countries.  Apple won a patent lawsuit against Motorola a month ago in Munich.  For a time Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet was banned in Australia as a result of this.

Apple has accused Samsung of copying its design and infringing on their patents.  I do agree with Apple in this case, the Samsung Galaxy Tab does look extremely similar to the iPad, just smaller in side. Even the on screen layout looks distinctly similar.

Photo: Name: Buck (backofthenapkin)

A good example of getting inspiration but not blatantly copying an idea is Mircosoft’s Windows 8.  It is similar to the iPad and Galaxy Tab in shape but has a very different layout.


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