I’ve had to do some digging as since the Kony phenomena erupted on the 7th of March some aspects of the Invisible Children charity have come to light.  For more details on this story refer to my previous blog titled: KONY 2012

1. Finance

Invisible Children's Financial Records

According to Invisible Children’s financial statements, 37% of its $8.9 million 2011 budget was spent on programs in Africa, and 35% was spent on awareness programs.  That means the other 28% is being spend else where.  Only 37% of their finances goes to the Ugandan children.

The charity’s 2011 financial statements show its assets climbed from $2 million to almost $7 million from 2010. Among its program costs is more than $1 million compensation, $2.8 million in direct services, more than $1 million in production and film costs, more than $850,000 in travel and transportation.

Chairty Navigator rates Invisible Children’s accountability 2/4 stars because they haven’t had their finances externally audited.

2. Joseph Kony is not in Uganda.   Kony hasn’t been in Uganda for six years.  The Ugandan Army can’t fight in other countries, so if Kony isn’t in Uganda then they can’t enter other countries and fight.

3. The Ugandan Army is also known for its looting and raping.  So is the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army.  Yet Invisible Children supports military invasion.

Invisible Children Leaders Pose With Weapons

Invisible Children Leaders Pose With Weapons

4. The campaign is only targeting US leaders instead of African leaders.

5. The 100 troops Obama sent to Uganda, has yet to have had a real impact.  It is reported that the US troops wanted to work in the shadows, and now they have been thrust into the limelight.

6.  In order to arrest Kony you would have to fight through the children that are forced to protect him.

7. The Kony 2012 film is the 12th film.  Millions of the charities proceeds has been spent on producing these films.

8.  Invisible Children has been accused of exaggerating facts. You can’t change  massive problem by putting a few posters up or buying bracelets.

9. There are many other charities that are helping Ugandan children, not just Invisible Children.  Shouldn’t there be more effort being put into helping the affected children than stopping Kony?

To date the KONY2012 video has over 65million views.


One thought on “Kony 2012 – All A Lie?

  1. America Humanitarian Imperialism in Uganda
    Now the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) has got two bases in Uganda which claim to be promoting “regional stability.” But US military bases have been in place for one very specific reason – to protect US economic interests. In Uganda and South Sudan there are significant oil and natural gas resources. Uganda’s recently-discovered oil reserves may produce between 2.5 billion to 6 billion barrels of oil.

    U.S. Army Sets Base in Kitgum plus an air base in Entebbe. Also, U.S. Special Forces have set up a base in Obo in the Central African Republic as part of their regional hunt for fighters from the Ugandan-born Lord’s Resistance Army. The LRA is estimated to have only 200-300 fighters.

    More important for the United States, the deployment offers an opportunity for U.S. Africa Command to further its goals in the region, including those in South Sudan and Somalia.

    AFRICOM’s Objectives
    Established in 2006 by the Bush administration and based in Stuttgart, Germany, AFRICOM is primarily intended to help African security forces build up their capabilities to handle regional security issues. To complete its mission, AFRICOM needs stable African partners with access to areas of instability. Having such a partner is especially important at a time when the international community and pan-African groups are calling for African-based initiatives to solve African problems. A committed political partner such as Uganda can legitimize and complement U.S. initiatives in Africa.

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