Whitney, Amy, who’s next?

Both had everything, and now look at them.  They had fame, money and were idols for some people.

Photo: Name: Asterio Tecson

Now, if Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse weren’t famous celebrities but working class singers battling addictions, would people find them ‘inspirational’? No, no they wouldn’t.

Inspirational people are those who come out of the depths of addiction.  Those who beat their demons and come out stronger.It seems as though in death they become untouchable.  People who once didn’t listen their songs now acknowledge them as musical greats.

Both singers had good songs and were great singers. But it seems that in death they are propelled to this higher status. Amy had two albums, the second of which I thoroughly enjoyed.  But did she change music forever? I my opinion, no she didn’t. The Beatles did great things, Amy Winehouse made two good albums and was incapable of turning up to a lot of her gigs because of her addiction. She could’ve done so much more, she could’ve made so much more music.

Photo: Name: NRK P3

Etta James died shortly before Whitney, and although the press did cover her death there was so much more emphasis on Houston’s death.  Is it because the ones who die young will never be forgotten.  The ones that die young have unknown potential; we don’t know what they could have done with the rest of their lives.  The ones that die old have already done all they could’ve done, there’s no mystery, there are no ‘what ifs’.  This explains why celebrities like Marilyn and James Dean are well known even in this age.  However, stars like Ginger Rogers are not half as well known.

It seems like in this day and age the famous have to make one important decision:

Die young and be forever famous, or do so much more.


One thought on “Sex, Drugs and Dying Young

  1. Your post reminds me of the great poem “To An Athlete Dying Young” by A. E. Housman. Famous people who die young dies famous. So the mass would talk more of them, and think that their talents will be missed and all that. But these people don’t get to know how it is to live after the height of their fame.

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