At least five students have been injured in a high school shooting at Chardon High School in Ohio.

The shooting happened Monday morning and the school was on lock down with armed police on the site.

Gunfire broke out at the school cafeteria at 7.30am.

Erin Knife, Civil Deputy thinks that the shooting was done by a single person.

Heather Ziska , 17 said she was at the cafeteria at the time of the shooting.  She says that she recognises the fellow student who walked into the cafeteria and begun shooting.

The gunman was arrested near his car about half a mile from the school.

The victims have been identified as one female and four male students.

Chardon is a city which as a population of 5,100 people and the school has 1,100 pupils

One person has died in the school shooting.  The student who opened fire with a handgun has been now said to have given himself up.  It is said that he was chased from the building by a teacher.

This is the worst shooting at a US high school in 11  months.


The dead student has been identified as 16-year-old Daniel Parmenter, another two students are in critical condition and are undergoing surgery.

The police have not formally identified the gunman but students have identified him as T J Lane.

Police and FBI have surrounded a house belonging to a Thomas Lane.

UPDATE 28 Feb 11:

A second student has died from his wounds and has been identified as 17-year-old Russel King, Jr.  He was officially declared brain dead earlier on today.

A third student Demetrius Hewlin has died at the Cleveland hospital later on today.

Alleged gunman T J Lane is scheduled for a hearing at 3.30pm local time at The Geauga  County Juvenile Court.

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