This has been a very big story this week, especially since the burger will cost a whopping £207,000. This will be the first burger ever to be made using stem cells.

Scientists in the Netherlands who have begun to produce this ‘burger’ in the hope of creating a more efficient alternative to rearing livestock.  The hamburger will be fully formed by autumn.

The efficiency rate of cows and pigs of quite low at 15% and right now we are using 70% of our agricultural capacity to rear livestock.  In the next 40 years demand for livestock will double.  It is expected that the cost of test tube meat will go down to an affordable level.

The big question is whether vegetarians could eat or want to eat this burger. Vegetarians could theoretically eat the burger since no animals were killed in order to make it.  Professor Andrew Linzey, director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, doesn’t think that this is a suitable alternative for vegetarians.

Tv chef Heston Blumenthal has been chosen to serve this burger later this year.  The idea is for Blumenthal to prepare the burger for a mystery guest.

Would you eat a test tube burger?


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