British boxer Derreck Chisora has created quite an uproar at the World Heavyweight Championships pre-fight weigh in, in Munich, Germany.  He slapped his opponent Vitali Klitschko who still currently holds the WBC heavyweight title and spat on Vitali’s brother Wladimir Klitschko‘s face.

The video above shows Chisora slapping Vitali Klitschko’s face in the pre-match weigh-in.  Things likes this give a bad name to boxing.  trash talking seems to have become part of the whole tirade of the sport, but pre-match violence is completely unnecessary.

At 0:02 seconds you can see Chisora spitting on Wladimir’s face.  Chisora’s actions seem premeditated in order to create publicity for the match.  It’s a stupid move considering that he is the undisputed underdog in this match.

Chisora held his own but lost the fight.  However, the main news is not the fight but what happened after the fight at the press conference.

David Haye a retired British boxer began to trash talk Chisora.  To be honest, why was Haye even there?! And what was he doing trash talking Chisora when he himself lost a match against Vitali’s brother Wladimir only a year ago. He isn’t exactly one to talk, is he?

Anyway, Chisora confronted Haye and it resulted in a full out brawl!  For footage of the brawl view the video below.

At 3:23 it looks as though Haye threw the first punch and then proceeded to smash a glass bottle on Chisora’s head. Then both men brawled and at 4:02 Haye even launches a camera tripod at Chisora, only to hit his own trainer on the head.

Many are talking about lifetime bans for both British boxers Chisora and Haye.  Something has to be done.  Not only have they embarrassed themselves, but they have embarrassed the sport, and their country.  Both men have serious attitude problems.  The only problem is that Haye doesn’t even have a licence to fight after retiring from boxing in October last year.  However, they could always make sure that it is impossible for Haye to ever professionally box again.  A Munich police spokesperson has come out and said that both men could possibly face a fine or a prison sentence.  Investigations are still underway.

What do you think the punishment for Chisora and Haye should be?


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